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Miller Labradors is a Breeder of AKC Labrador Retrievers we have varieties of Chocolate, Yellow and/or  black in color.  Our Labrador Retrievers are English style Labs that are known for their great temperament. This Labrador breed has a block-head and a solid build and a distinctive otter tail.  Our Champion bloodline is strong in all our dogs. Our dedication allows us to provide our customers with quality as well as that wonderful Labrador personality. The health of our dogs is very important to us, so we raise healthy Labs to supply to our customers.

Mack a California resident

Mack lives in California now.
He was 1 year old in the above photo.
Mack is one of the pups from Hope and Tank

Macks owner sent us this note:

" Mack is doing wonderful. He's still such a big puppy and absolutely loves everyone. He knows when to be gentle around kids and when to play rough. I don't think there's a mean bone in his body. And he definitely looks after his 'sister' Kaiya! You guys have some amazing dogs!"

Daisy's pup: Wrena
Above is one of our winter puppies exploring the new snow in the yard

Daisy's Litter

Daisy's new litter (her first liter) is here. Her liter is all Black!

2 weeks old in above photos

3weeks old below

Please take a look at our pups on our Litters page

Tank – our newest Sire

Zoey is our newest Dam

Miller Labradors is located in Salisbury, North Carolina and owned by Kenneth Miller.